Comments on the competition result by Masao Maruyama, Chairperson of the Jury

I was very impressed with how freely each animation is expressed. Many of them develop very challenging and innovative images in the beautiful and attractive world.
I am very glad and honored to be able to choose some award-winning films which can develop to the world from here in Hiroshima.

Grand Prize

The Blissful Accidental Death

  • 2017/15'10"
  • Country:Romania
  • Directed by: Sergiu Negulici (Reniform Production)
  • Produced by: Adriana Ionica (Reniform Production)
[ Comments on Awarding ] Comment: It is unique and unbelievable film, which in the beginning is like a clumsy dream. But after short and painful discussion we all loved it! We never in our life forgot the film that started in a dusty antique shop and after a mad and heart-breaking journey through surrealism and dada ended up as super-touching love story. Yes, it is the best!

Hiroshima Prize


  • 2016/10'08"
  • Country:Hungary
  • Directed by: Judit Wunder (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest)
  • Produced by: József Fülöp (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest)
  • Distributed by: Katalin Vajda (Hungarian National Film Fund)
  • © Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
[ Comments on Awarding ] A large black shadowy character of a cat animates into negative-positive shapes and creates sensuous feelings of physical love and longing. Truly well designed, well structured and beautifully animated first student film. A very impressive and promising film and filmmaker.

Debut Prize


  • 2016/5'24"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Romain Garcia, Kevin Tarpinian, Thomas Lopez-Massy, Avril Hug, Lauren Madec
  • Produced by: Julien Deparis(MoPA)
  • Distributed by: Luce Grosjean(Miyu Distribution)
[ Comments on Awarding ] The last sip of champagne should make the last moment of life wonderful. Never mind the south wind! For the last wonderful moment, cheers!

Renzo Kinoshita Prize

The Ogre

  • 2017/9’41”
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Laurène Braibant (Papy3D Productions)
  • Produced/Distributed by: Richard Van den Boom (Papy3D Productions)
[ Comments on Awarding ] I was impressed with the design, form and movement. Keeping on moving seamlessly. This is the animation. I assure myself that this is worthy of being awarded the Renzo Kinoshita Prize, which is for promising creators.

Audience Prize


  • 2016/11'51"
  • Country:Belgium
  • Directed by: Britt Raes
  • Produced by: Creative Conspiracy
  • Distributed by: Luce Grosjean(Miyu Distribution)
This prize is given to the most popular work voted by the audience.

Special International Jury Prize

XOXO hugs and kisses

  • 2016/13'53"
  • Country:Poland
  • Directed by: Wiola Sowa (Sowa Film)
  • Produced by: Robert Sowa(Sowa Film)
  • Distributed by: Marta Świątek(Krakow Film Foundation)
  • © Sowa Film
[ Comments on Awarding ] In this film, the three people in a love-triangle found the way to maintain stirring and flexible love.


  • 2016/9'24"
  • Country:Greece
  • Directed by: Antonis Ntoussias, Aris Fatouros
  • Produced by: Michael Sarantinos(STEFICON)
  • Distributed by: Vassilis Konstandopoulos(STEFICON)
It just is the greatest firework of surrealism! Bravo!

The Pocket Man

  • 2016/7'26"
  • Country:Switzerland/France/Georgia
  • Directed by: Ana Chubinidze
  • Produced by: Corinne Destombes(Folimage)
  • © Folimage
[ Comments on Awarding ] The film makes us feel how cute and fun animation is. Thank you for this simple film.

Golden Oldies

  • 2016/2’59”
  • Country:The Netherlands
  • Directed/Produced by: Daan Velsink (Frame Order), Joost Lieuwma(Frame Order)
  • Produced by: Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink
  • Distributed by: Daan Velsink (Frame Order)
[ Comments on Awarding ] This film showing us, what years could do with people – and people with years! Elvis is not dead. He just smells bad! Viva Rock’n Roll!

The Lost Garden

  • 2018/3'00"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Natalia Chernysheva
  • Produced by: tant mieux prod
  • Distributed by: Autour de Minuit
  • © Tant Mieux Prod 2018
[ Comments on Awarding ] For the wonderful artistic expression of a poem through an animation.


  • 2018/13'24"
  • Country:Portugal / France
  • Directed by: Mónica Santos, Alice Guimarães
  • Produced by: Nuno Amorim(ANIMAIS AVPL), Vanessa Ventura(ANIMAIS AVPL), Jean-François Le Corre(VIVEMENT LUNDI!), Mathieu Courtois(VIVEMENT LUNDII), Pedro Medeiros(UM SEGUNDO FILMES)
  • Distributed by: Salette Ramalho(AGENCIA-Portuguese Short Film Agency)
[ Comments on Awarding ] The cinematic arrangement and the remarkable set design works beautifully. The mood of the film noir “in an animated world” suggesting a strong message.


  • 2017/12’55”
  • Country:Croatia/Canada/Estonia
  • Directed by: Chintis Lundgren (National Film Board of Canada)
  • Produced by: Jelena Popovic (National Film Board of Canada), Draško Ivezić (Adriatic Animation), Chintis Lundgren (Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonistuudio)
  • Distributed by: (excluding Europe) Nathalie Bourdon (National Film Board of Canada)
  • © National Film Board of Canada
[ Comments on Awarding ] Manivald explores the mundane and routine life of a fox. The interdependency collapses when the routine is turned turns into upside down by a foxy outsider. Use of simple character design and movement makes us wonder what will happen next. The filmmaker throws a wrench in this early slow moving film into exciting twist – a clever twist indeed.

Special Prize


  • 2017/8’48”
  • Country:Canada/Norway
  • Directed by: Torill Kove (National Film Board of Canada)
  • Produced by: Lise Fearnley (Mikrofilm AS), Tonje Skar Reiersen (Mikrofilm AS), Michael Fukushima (National Film Board of Canada)
  • Distributed by: Nathalie Bourdon (National Film Board of Canada)
  • © National Film Board of Canada
[ Comments on Awarding ] Beautiful in its simplicity both in character design and animation “Threads” explores an enduring bond that unites mother and child over a lifetime of love, learning and willing to let go into another parameter. Simple but incredibly powerful film.


  • 2016/11'51"
  • Country:Belgium
  • Directed by: Britt Raes
  • Produced by: Creative Conspiracy
  • Distributed by: Luce Grosjean(Miyu Distribution)
[ Comments on Awarding ] Characters’ simple and beautiful movement, and the high-level quality are exceptional. This is the film worthy of the special prize.

Hate for Sale

  • 2017/2'39"
  • Country:The Netherlands
  • Directed/Produced by: Anna Eijsbouts
  • Distributed by: Ursula van den Heuvel(KLIK Distribution)
  • © Anna Eijsbouts
[ Comments on Awarding ] The adaptation of a poem, beautifully animated, about consuming hate and devouring emotion.

Please Frog, just one sip

  • 2017/9'50"
  • Country:South Africa
  • Directed by: Diek Grobler(Fopspeen Moving Pictures)
  • Produced by: Fopspeen Moving Pictures
  • © Fopspeen Moving Pictuires
[ Comments on Awarding ] For the funny animation suggesting a message of “Don’t drink it all by yourself, or you will regret it”


  • 2018/7'21"
  • Country:Croatia/France
  • Directed by: Veljko Popovic(Lemonade 3D / Krupni kadar)
  • Produced by: Milivoj Popovic(Lemonade 3D / Krupni kadar), Veljko Popovic(Lemonade 3D/ Krupni kadar), Patrick Hernandez(Bagan Films), Lado Skorin(3D2D Animatori)
  • Distributed by: Vanja Andrijevic(Bonobostudio)
  • © Lemonade3D, Bagan Films
[ Comments on Awarding ] If in the same film I can see ultra-fast cyclists, gorgeous asses and half-naked captains- It’s done! I am giving a prize.