Privacy Policy

(1) the Handling of Personal information

In this regard, the International Animation Festival Hiroshima will observe the Personal Information Protection Act, related laws, Festival regulations, and internal office regulations, and will base its handling of personal information on generally accepted procedures. These procedures will be amended as required by changes to the law or society.

(2) About Collection and the purpose of use of Personal information

In the collection of Personal Information at this Animation Festival, participants will be notified of the purposes for the use of such information, or these purposes will be made public. Personal Information will be handled in accordance with the following designated purposes:

  • To accept entry works for the festival.
  • To announce competition winners of the festival.
  • To confirm the purchase or delivery of festival tickets or other related products, and to undertake any follow-up services necessary.
  • To respond to inquiries from participants regarding any of the above products, and to improve our services.
  • To undertake any other procedures related to the above services

(3) About the safety control of Personal information

In order to prevent the loss, damage, illegal transfer or falsification of Personal Information, office regulations will be maintained, and all necessary and appropriate measures will be undertaken to ensure the safe management of personal information.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of the Animation Festival, certain functions have been delegated to outside companies. While Personal Information may be provided to these companies to the extent necessary for the performance of their functions, in these cases a contract will be executed to ensure the proper handling of such information, and such handling will be supervised.

(4) About the provideding of Personal information

At this Animation Festival, Personal Information will never be provided to a third party, with the following exceptions:

  • In case of the Preliminary Selection result is announced.
  • In case of the Competion Winners are announced.
  • In cases of outsourcing, as outlined in (3).
  • In cases where the permission of the individual has been obtained.
  • To analyze and produce statistical data (Number of Works Entered etc.), which does not disclose the Personal Information of specific individuals.
  • In other cases stipulated by law.

(5) About the disclosure of Personal information

The International Animation Festival Hiroshima will make every effort to maintain the Personal Information of participants in an accurate and up-to-date format. The disclosure or amendment of this information will be undertaken upon the direct request of the individual, and upon confirmation of his or her identity.
When a participant requests that the Animation Festival suspend use of or deletes their Personal Information, such action will be taken within a reasonable period of time, and upon confirmation that the request was made directly by the relevant individual. The partial or complete suspension of use or deletion of a participant's information may unfortunately render the Animation Festival unable to provide the requested services to participants. (Moreover, in some cases the suspension of use or deletion of Personal Information may be constrained by the relevant laws and regulations.)