Program 1

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The Fox and the Pigeon / The Fox & The Pigeon

A fox with a sweet tooth must save his ice cream cone from a hungry pigeon and a narrator with an over-active imagination, its not long however before Fox realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Mimi & Líza: Christmas Lights Mystery / Mimi a Líza: Záhada Vianočného Svetla

Mimi sees the world with her hands and ears. She is blind. Together with her best friend Liza, they have enjoyed a lot of fun and mystery. Christmas is finally coming. Mimi, Liza and their neighbours decorate a beautiful magnificent tree. The bulbs won’t light up. Where did the magic Christmas light disappear?


  • 2019/ 3'22"
  • Country:U.K.
  • Directed by: Toby Auberg
  • Produced by: Suzanne Buchan (Royal College of Art)
  • Distributed by: Luce Grosjean (Miyu Distribution)
"Pile" is a CG animated short film that attempts to put human constructs in order. A vertical habitat that models material progression from bare survival to the unhinged dystopia of late capitalism.


  • 2018/ 2'30"
  • Country:Thailand
  • Directed by: Metinee Prayatkul
  • Produced by: Sirinya Choovoravech
  • Distributed by: Rangsit University
"Cycus" is an animated short film that present the story of animal in circus. On the stage is showing only a happiness but totally different in off scene. The cruel action keep going by support of the audient. That was the never ending cycle. So we use the technique called zoetrope to represent.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

  • 2019/ 11'09"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Franck Dion
  • Produced by: Richard Van Den Boom (Papy3D Productions)
The daily life of a little hen housekeeper, torn between her work, her children and her old mother.


  • 2019/ 1'36"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Donato Sansone
  • Produced by: Nicolas Schmerkin (Autour de Minuit)
A short animated visual madness, where body parts merge and transform through a continuous and strange metamorphosis.

The Butterfly Affect

  • 2019/ 4'37"
  • Country:Canada
  • Directed by: Stephanie Blakey
  • Produced by: Amanda Konkin
  • © Spectacle 5 Films
Growing up, Jesse didn't think she was any different from her friends- until The Change. This is a heartfelt story of insecurity, growth, and self-acceptance told through the eyes of a young worm trying to find her place in a butterfly's world.

Daughter / Dcera

  • 2019/ 14'48"
  • Country:Czech Republic
  • Directed by: Daria Kashcheeva
  • Produced by: Zuzana Roháčová (FAMU), Martin Vandas (MAUR film)
  • Distributed by: Luce Grosjean (Miyu Distribution)
Should you hide your pain? Close yourself inside your inner world, full of longing for your father’s love and its displays? Or should you understand and forgive before it is too late?

Swing / Sving

  • 2019/ 5'15"
  • Country:Russia
  • Directed by: Lyudmila Skotnikova
  • Produced by: Irina Volodina (Studio "Ural-Cinema"), Valentina Khizhniakova (Studio "Ural-Cinema")
  • © Ltd "Studio "Ural-Cinema"
'It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing.' If you have got jazz in your heart, it will break out sooner or later.

Warm star / Teplaya zvezda

  • 2020/ 4'29"
  • Country:Russia
  • Directed by: Anna Kuzina
  • Produced by: Boris Mashkovtsev (Soyuzmultfilm film studio)
  • Distributed by: Soyuzmultfilm film studio
A bird that keeps order in the sky accidentally drops a star during cleaning. And on the earth, children find her.

Nestling / Galchenok

  • 2020/ 6'35"
  • Country:Russia
  • Directed by: Marat Narimanov
  • Produced by: Valeriy Ryabin, Alexander Gerasimov
  • Distributed by: LLC "Jupiter- XXI"
The story of a friendship between a lonely old man and an helpless nestling, confronted by a group of ignorant boys from the same neighborhood, stylized as a film of the 60s.

What Will You Do Now, John?

  • 2019/ 9'10"
  • Country:U.K. / India
  • Directed by: Pooja Pottenkulam
  • Produced by: Simon Gape
  • © pooja pottenkulam
John comes back home one day to find his wife gone and is very worried. He pretends that she still lives with him and over time, settles into this new life. Will anyone find out that his wife has left him? How long will he continue the charade?

The Six / 白露

  • 2019/ 5'00"
  • Country:China
  • Directed by: Xi Chen, Xu An
  • Produced by: Xi Chen
A man, a woman, and a crane, in six repeating scenes.


  • 2020/ 8'50"
  • Country:U.S.A. / Republic of Korea
  • Directed by: Erick Oh
  • Produced by: Keyon Kim (BEASTS AND NATIVES ALIKE)
  • Distributed by: Daebum Im (BEASTS AND NATIVES ALIKE)
"Opera" is an 4K animation installation project which is suitable to be projected on a wall or a large-scale structure, and designed by Erick Oh, an award-winning filmmaker and artist.

When we leave / En avant

  • 2019/ 4'02"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Mitchelle Tamariz
  • Produced by: Annick Teninge (La Poudrière, école du film d'animation)
  • Distributed by: Agence du Court Métrage (French Short Film Agency)
  • © La Poudrière 2019
Rosa's jumper unravels little by little as she crosses the Mexican desert.